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Integration of enterprise value chain, adhere to good marketing accumulation

Watch Industry Association, Yiwu City Council at its second plenary session of the third on January 9, 2010, the meeting invited the three companies since the financial crisis, the person in charge on the survival and development of enterprises experience a keynote speech. 
Shenzhen Yong Hung, Chairman Chen Hongdi watches made at the meeting, "the integration of the value chain, adhere to good marketing accumulate," keynote speech, he "marketing concept and business strategy" perspective, sharing Wing Hung watch company in the international financial contrarian approach rise next crisis. His humility, said Wing Hung watches in Yiwu got everyone's support, the spirit of learning to Yiwu colleagues mind, in this initiate please exhibitions. 
Chen Hongdi chairman admitted that their companies to watch with love and dedication, in business development, one is well integrated internal and external value chain, foreign insist that thinking like a customer, to help customers thinking, principles and customers to grow, in order to customer success is our success criteria, fully aware of the increase in the cost of customers or suppliers increase their costs are the reason that customers create greater value for the business philosophy. Internally, the optimization process management, so that each process value, attention to the distribution of benefits of internal staff. Second, insist on doing things that have accumulated in marketing, the implementation of both tangible and intangible accumulation accumulation, hard power and soft power complement each other. Three is not instant success, do difficult things, others do not want to do, such as the retail market, found that export, and wholesale orders to do is start easy, but progress is difficult, but the beginning is hard to do retail, but with the continuous accumulation and summary, after a certain scale easier. 
He hoped that industry cooperation, we complement each other to form a competitive interest groups, in the course of business of the accidental thing becomes inevitable, the instability becomes stable. 
- This article Source Yiwu Watch Association website, the Department of Shenzhen Yonghong Watch Co. chairman Chen Hong Di speak at the meeting.
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