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Innovation is the Cotai Strip enterprise development

Can a business good development, there are many factors, however, creative, creativity, innovation is one of the most important factors. 
Innovation, is the constant study and research needs of the market, developed different from their own and other people's old products, and create new products to meet market requirements. In this regard, we have had a profound lesson, the beginning of the financial crisis, the old product sales dropped by half, inventory positive surge, cash flow difficulties, a sharp deterioration of the situation, the situation of the enterprise into a vicious cycle. 
However, we will respond as early as a few years ago Watch Association advocate, encourage innovation and create a call to investigate the market, the development of several new products, through several years of running, gradually matures, we at this time to bring new products into the market immediately , to the customer has won numerous praise, through this, we over the hump and embarked on a path to a virtuous cycle of development. 
Both positive and negative contrast, we deeply appreciate: Innovation is the lifeblood of quality, only innovation can win customers and win market, only innovation can adjust the structure, transformation and upgrading, only innovation can improve efficiency. 
In short,, We feel that innovation is the Cotai Strip, enterprise development, we would like to watch in Yiwu, China's watch industry on this Strip to continue moving forward! 
- Source: Yiwu Watch Association website, the content-based speech Xin, general manager of the sail quartz movement watch factory in Yiwu, Yiwu Association meeting.
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