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Polaris brand electronic form to participate in the "Second swim Mother River" event

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May 22, 2011, the second "mother river crossing" event held in the city of Sanmenxia in Henan Province, Yiwu City Swimming Association 51 players with 2011 swimmers from across the country along with a dip in the Yellow River. 
I plant the "Polaris" brand waterproof electronic form as specified in Yiwu swimmers wearing the product, with the participating athletes crossed the Yellow River, the Yellow River has undergone tests to verify the performance of my waterproof I plant products. 
     Across the scene, many in the crowd shouted "Yiwu refueling." Eventually, Yiwu Yong Shi lasted 36 minutes, successfully crossed the Yellow River. After the event, Yiwu City Swimming Association with the other 11 teams were rated organizers "Outstanding Organization Award."
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