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About Us

Yiwu Chuanhui watch factory began production in 2010 student LCD digital display watches and Analog quartz electronic watches, the company owns "Polaris" brand, PO LlT Polaris digital electronic watches, won the "Best City in Zhejiang Province gifts" title. 
       With our modern production equipment, in strict accordance with the IS09001 international quality management model, focusing on innovative product development, product fashionable and beautiful, reliable quality. Over the years has formed a complete set of modern production system to ensure that the innovative fashion products, high quality, and won the trust and support of our customers, many first-tier and second tier cities has been touted youngsters. In addition to selling the domestic market, but also exported to Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other international and regional. 
       Junior strong, strong China! Bora one we are committed to support the healthy growth of Chinese youth, specializing in the production of various student with the table, the effort to build the first brand of Chinese students to the table! We strengthen production management, marketing, team building, while special invitation Korea famous product designer and brand planning agencies and professionals together to create the "Polaris" brand. 
    "Polaris" energy table, detonated positive energy! 
       Clear brand positioning, innovative brand concept, the flow! Think in the energy point of view, the introduction of "our time have the energy," the core concept! Perfect combination of innovative culture and the positive energy of fashion elements, the watch into a transfer positive energy carrier of culture, develop a good habit of tools! change thinking, change habits, the future success! 
       Polaris Energy Table One loving parents to give their children the best gift! 
       To our products so that more healthy growth, more family happiness!